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For 35+ years, our promoters have been driven by the belief that as distributors and co-marketers, they have a critical role to play in promoting wellness and health for humanity. They understand the gravity of their responsibility and strive for perfection in their efforts to deliver the benefits of modern medicine, viewing it as a service to the Supreme Being.

Our dedication in meeting the needs of our customers is evidenced by our impressive performance metrics. With a turnaround time of 3 to 5 hours in most cases and an order fulfilment rate of 90% to 95%, we are the preferred vendor in many situations.

Additionally, our ability to maintain accurate batch and cold chain records throughout the last mile ensures that we are a reliable and effective partner for redistributing pharmaceutical products in India. We have invested heavily in infrastructure to facilitate our rapid growth and to enable us to bring the healing power of medicine to those in need quickly and efficiently.

Our innovative and progressive approach is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities, which include 80,000 sq ft warehouse, 190 delivery routes, 9,500+ customers, and online ordering systems. Our commitment to serving our customers is unwavering, and we prioritize their needs and requirements above all else. We are always available to take orders, and we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with our accurate data and exceptional service. We believe that a happy customer is the one who receives their order promptly and without delay, and we are committed to providing that experience every time.


Unnati’s Four Enterprises, as a group, provides an extensive array of pharmaceutical products that cater to both chronic and acute care needs, coupled with wellness products. Our all-encompassing range of offerings makes us a convenient one-stop solution for most retailers, hospitals, and corporate institutions.

MediSales PVT LTD.

Advancing Health Through Compassion.

MediSales PVT LTD.

Delivering Medicine, Delivering Health

MediSales PVT LTD.

Your Health Is Our Priority And So We will Never Stop.

Medihauxe Healthcare

Bringing Expertise Together to Advance Medicine.


Group Unnati offers the largest selection of medicines in India and our top priority is total customer delight. We are always just a phone call away and strive to exceed deadlines with our lightning-fast service.

Our mission is to foster strong healthcare partnerships and ensure timely delivery of the right quantity of products every time. Since day one, we have set benchmarks for others to follow, earning the trust of Indian and multinational companies as their primary redistributors.

Our vision is to become the most efficient and profitable co-marketer and distributor of pharmaceutical products in India by prioritizing accurate data and exceptional service to achieve customer satisfaction.

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Mahendra Chowhan

Chief Co-Ordinator & MD

"A Leader with a Heart for Customers and Community"

Mahendra Chowhan’s story reads like a Bollywood script, with a challenging journey and a family background that shaped his intuition and determination to succeed.
From a challenging start in business to a thriving enterprise, his story is nothing short of inspiring. As the founder of Vardhman Medisales, he leads one of India’s top five largest Pharma redistributor with a keen sense of intuition.

As a hands-on managing of a 1200-crore enterprise, Mahendra acknowledges that he struggles to dedicate enough time to engage with his 9500+ customers in the field.

However, he credits his success in maintaining superior service levels to his customer-centric approach, which is instilled in all of his employees from the day they join. Placing a great value on empathy, and deep understanding of his employees which has helped him foster longstanding relationships with his core team. After all, leading from the front is the best way to establish consistent, high-quality standards across the enterprise which Mahendra Chowhan believes in. It’s not unusual to find him on the warehouse floor, rather than in his posh cabin, imparting his passion for excellence with each employee on the floor.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mahendra is a loyal friend and a reliable source of support for many. Committed to providing for a large group of underprivileged children he treats them as if they were his own extended family. Mahendra and his enterprise are dedicated to creating a positive influence on the lives of everyone they come into contact with, aligning with the group’s mantra of “Touching you…Every day.”

“Our journey has stories untold,
come get a glimpse into our milestones”.




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