There are very few things I regret and dropping out of school at SSLC is definitely not one of them. I started my career as a booking boy with my uncle who had a small Pharma distributorship and used this platform to develop good rapport with around 120 retailers who became my launching pad for my own distribution company Vardhman Pharma Distributors in July 1988, which I started along with my brother

VPDPL was started in June 1988 with a borrowed capital of Rs.2 lakh and as a culmination of an entrepreneurial dream to provide fulfillment of Ethical medicines to Retailers & Hospitals under a corporate distribution culture, desisting from the easier option of having a trader mentality.

I realized during my stint as a booking boy (cycling around 25 km a day), that most of the distributors had a trading mentality which reflected in their service levels. The thought that a patient is waiting for a life saving medicine, or for mitigating his chronic pain was never factored in and deliveries never met standards of time and product fills. These were the pain points I vowed to eliminate when I started VPDPL.

Over the years as we grew and created Group Unnati when we acquired Focus Medisales & Srinivasa Medisales and increased the company portfolio to our customers.

We have been successful in building a transparent organization to both the internal and external customers.

We have always invested in Infrastructure ahead of the curve, to provide hygienic work environment & keeping our long term financial goals in perspective. This has made the growth smoother without any speed breakers and has catapulted us into a different league.

Our intent in Group Unnati is to bring professionalism in the distribution business and be the enabler for enhanced timely reach of medicines to all our customers.

It has been a very eventful journey so far and I look forward to the future where our Group Unnati will be an epitome of everything related to “Customer Delight”.

Wishing you all the very best,

Mahendra Chowhan

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