Chandrika Mohan

Managing the entire accounts of the group one needs to have a penchant for process discipline and priorities clearly defined. Ms. Chandrika Mohan, heading the key accounts portfolio , has spent 17 years with the group and is clear that it will be hard to find a better work environment than in Group Unnati. This diehard fan of Mr.Amitabh Bacchan has the same hands on friendly mentoring attitude to the people under her. She is confident that her wish and dream of leading the finance backbone of 1000 crore Group Unnati is definitely not a dream.


The ready smile hides a tough no nonsense approach of Sarafaraz, the HR head of the group. A strong believer in maintaining work life balance of not only his employees but also himself, this PG in HR , has his work cut out in the 600 strong work force of the group to build them and instil in them a strong value system of Team work, Goal setting, process and people orientation.

For Sarafaraz, a Pharma sales person to hardcore HR professional, it is building “a love for what you are doing” in all the employees that is the mantra to the group’s continued success. He is confident that the current leadership team has the gumption and the skills to take the group to 1000 crore turnover in the foreseeable future.

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain, He has been carrying a Never say die attitude in every aspect of life. Being imbibed with management skills he has all the traits related to business processes, he strongly believes big challenges breed big rewards. He craves learning & believes there is always a scope of learning in various aspects of business & life. Believes in building value based relationships that leads to business opportunities & long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. In short span has gained immense knowledge pertaining to pharma distribution & looking forward to expertise in each and every part & corner of the business. He believes “customer service is like making love to a gorilla, you don’t stop when you are satisfied, but when your customer is” He always believes to serve customer with a friendly attitude & try to resolve their problem as efficiently as possible.
He has a different view in terms of leadership aspect, He says “leadership is about making other better as a result of your presence & making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”


Coming from a Business Family of running Udupi Restaurants and industrial canteens he choose what he loved to and did B.E & Diploma in Marketing management. A Josephite ventured into speciality medicine and helped many patient live better life. He sourced Speciality medicines from world over to cater to the patients against the respective Doctor prescription this efforts led to Introduction of about 165 plus Life saving Medicines first time use in India. This exposure to the sourcing of Medicines and catering to the doctors, also led to many major events at national level. He very strongly believes Supplying Medicines is our JOB, Honouring Doctor Prescription is our Profession, Taking Care of Patients is our PASSION.

Shanavaz Beig

ShanavazBeig, well organized and system follower, He believes in developing business in more “how’s” than only results. He leads the people within them and have managed least attrition. He considers everything as experiments and loves to take up challenges with smile and delivering always 100%.He gives employees a platform for spreading ideas that work due to which he has created most successful branch witheffective use of route management and thus providing best service.He strongly believes in to supply each and every chemist of the city.

Mahendar Kochar

MahendarKochar, A leader to whom size does not matter be it business, process or talent, A pharmacist with vast experience of customer behaviour and market knowledge. His easy going nature and maturity has helped cohesively build & maintain the vast team from diverse socio economic back grounds. His strong will and acceptability to situations also has built excellent relationship with colleague and customers. He loves to travel to create more customers and hence increase business.He loves guiding employees to success and ensuring that everyone is performing at their best. He wants to make sure that group is successful with efficiency and diverse talent, process and business activities.


Like a seed to a tall tree he has grown within the company to become a manager of an important branch. With his unmatched product knowledge he offers better options to customers. He loves Multitasking and challenges himself to be better than best. In depth marketing skills have helped in number of fold rise in business.A tech savvy gadget lover makes sure to be updated with latest happenings. His down to earth nature and straight forward approach to people have helped him mingle with everyone. He likes to takes challenges and makes bolder approach in order to achieve the set standards.Rangswamy feels that the leadership team of Group Unnati has what it takes to be “Best is yet to come”.

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