Five Basic questions. These are the questions that drive us to excellence in all areas of our operations and our commitment of “Total Customer Delight”

These are five magical questions we constantly ask to our service goals, to the products and sometimes to ourselves.

Group Unnati is an ISO certified company and is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical distribution houses in India. With more than 300 Cr. in turnover, we are poised to being the undeniable leader in the industry.

For our customers we provide services which spell “Customer Delight” on parameters of

1.Order to supply time less than 5 hours*

2. Order fill ratio greater than 96%

3. Fill errors less than 0.2%

4. 95% coverage of companies and items typically needed by a retailer in the city.

This translates into total trust in us when our customers place their orders on us.

We supply to more than 3000 chemists at their door step the orders which are placed through laptops directly connected to our servers. We intend to extend a direct online ordering to all our customers. The advantage would be that the chemist can place the order at this convenience and also get the added advantage of soft copy of the invoice in a downloadable format for error free and quick entry into his software. We also have a supervisory cadre for any escalation of issues.

For our Principal Companies we provide the best platform to launch their products and also fulfill the demand created by their field force by providing

• High reach to the target customers

• Assured delivery within 5 hours

• Perfect maintenance of inventory to service the need created

• Complete transparency of inventory flow for better planning by the sales executives.

• Good cold chain maintenance facilities till the last mile.

• ISO certified company on process and good business practices.

• Stock statement online.

We also are recognized by various companies for our excellence in service. Our field force is trained and experienced. This has created an enviable base of customer connect which can be leveraged by companies for a targeted push. We have a marketing team which can interact with you to design specific retail “push” campaigns. We also have a separate hospital team to service corporate hospital, Institution and nursing home.

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