Career Development Program

Recruitment of employee is done with a focus to build and develop a long-term career for the employee in the company. We have robust employee referral scheme called as “Add to Our Family”. Almost 90% of requirement is filled with AOF.

We ensure the practice of being fair and impartial in the employment process, Equal Employment Opportunity in our organization is profound; we strongly discourage any kind of prejudice, biasness or favoritism on the basis of disability, race, age, sex, pregnancy, marital status and religion.

Career Development Program or CDP in our organization is meant to motivate and constantly Challenge employees own capabilities and grow to higher levels of skills, knowledge and ultimately performance. We encourage employees to peruse higher education through distance learning or part time. We also have Career Development cell which guides the employees in decision making for the selection of courses.

The promoter of the company started his career as a class X pass employee working as a delivery boy in a distribution firm. Thus importance of Education, Equal opportunity & career development is deeply entrenched in our working DNA.

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are in collaboration with NGOs working towards the rehabilitation of Physically Challenged. We consistently encourage and support the cause, currently in our organization we have employee who are physically challenged. They are given enough resources and opportunities for growth and development. In addition as a part of our CSR, medicines for a Dispensary serving the down trodden in the city are being provided free.

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