The many innovations we have incorporated with our technology partner C-Square are :-

VDC (Virtual Distribution Centre)

VDC is the HUB which is capable of inte • racting with different levels of the pharma supply chain. The primary operational objective for VDC was to automate the ordering at retailer level & order management at the distributor level.

Live Order

“Live Order” is the tool with which we have taken the entire enterprise to the door step of the retail chemist. “Live Order” eliminates the drops in fulfilment rates arising out of the lack of domain knowledge in the salesmen (suggests alternatives in case of non availability) errors in packing, spelling and most importantly transmits the order in real time to the server. With this the service turnaround time is greatly reduced. This is the precursor of automated ordering & fulfilment facilities in the industry.

Data Analysis and Decision making is a routine task of the medical rep. The constraint he faces with respect to data in different formats and integration of the same for analysis is the pain point which eliminates for him. In addition, he has access to almost real time data and alerts (SMS) as to how he or his company is faring at a particular channel partner.

Live Doc

Livedoc is the option under which enabled retailers can download the invoice in the electronic format and save time and effort for the mundane task of making a GRN entry.

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