We have invested in making our business ready for the coming decades. Our infrastructure is eons beyond what is seen in a typical trading house.

Our warehousing facilities cater to the stocking of over 28630 SKUs arranged in 28720 feet of racks arranged in parallel rows in over 55000 sqft of storage space. The SKUs are grouped together based on the marketing company. The SKUs are arranged for quick identification and pick up very scientifically, based on actual demand from the market. The fastest moving are at eye level and slowest moving at the lower level and so on. FEFO principle is also adhered to in the physical arrangement and the software trigger is also set on the same principles. More than 700 feet of conveyer belts help in quick transfer from one storage bay to another. Interestingly, reverse logistics (expiry management) is a large component of our activities and over 97000 units are handled every month.

Temperature sensitive products are increasing every day due to the fast growth of biotechnology. We have more than 3000 cubic feet of cold storage space with more than XXXX cold storage items in our item list.

Our 111 sales executives and 118 delivery boys are managed effectively by the admin team which is housed in state of the art 11000 sqft office spaces. As a HR initiative, lunch and snacks are provided to the employees in over 2100 sqft of refreshment area.

These infrastructure is made keeping in mind our long term growth plans.

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